Environmental policy

SEPAL is fully aware that a responsible economic strategy, addressing the environmental issues arising from its activities, is essential to its own success and that of its customers.
The main objective pursued by SEPAL is to be recognised internationally as a reference company for the production of extruded precision profiles in aluminium alloys, with raw, oxidised or painted finish.
SEPAL S.p.A. also recognises that the continuous improvement of its environmental performance leads to significant commercial and economic advantages, while at the same time seeking to meet the expectations of environmental improvement relative to the territorial context in which it operates.
SEPAL S.p.A., therefore, undertakes to pursue a policy of continuous improvement of its environmental performance, minimising, where technically possible and economically sustainable, any negative impact of its activities on the environment. It intends to achieve the above-mentioned goals through the following actions:

  • Ensuring that its activities are carried out in compliance with current legal provisions and any subscribed codes of practice;
  • Implementing and maintaining an effective Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001
  • Implement every effort in organisational, operational and technological terms to prevent water, air and soil pollution;
  • Minimise energy and water consumption as well as waste production, favouring its recovery wherever possible;
  • Define environmental objectives and targets, to be integrated with operational management and corporate development programmes;
  • Ensure that the environmental policy set out herein and the related management system are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organisation and that the system is supported by periodic and systematic training and education activities;
  • Ensure that this document, continuously updated, is available to employees and the public;
  • Safeguard the environment by adopting technologies that allow lower environmental impacts and energy savings;
  • Periodically review the conformity of its Environmental Management System and the achievement of continuous improvement objectives and targets;
    • The very type of our products and the consequent relationship between the concept of compliance with use and the concept of satisfying the customer’s needs, constitute a source of power in the path of improving the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System.
    • The Management is convinced that the continuous improvement of its environmental performance contributes to its commercial and economic development.
    • The Management, in collaboration with the Environmental Management System Manager, intends to proceed as follows:
  • Collaborate with its suppliers in establishing supply requirements in order to obtain materials and materials with established characteristics, costs, times and methods;
  • Set up an effective document structure, which allows better control of environmental issues related to the organisation’s activities;
  • Receive and evaluate suggestions (internal and external) that allow the improvement of Environmental Management.

Lograto, 02/02/2018

See the document: Environmental Policy (pdf)

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