Sepal has equipped itself with a technologically advanced internal anodising system, so as to offer all customers a finished product of superior quality. The new anodic oxidation plant provides for maximum integration of the production structure: it is fully automated and in line with extrusion.

  • Plant of 37 tanks (year 2014)
  • production capacity: 7000 tons / year
  • length: from 2 to 7/8 mt
  • available colors: natural silver and electro-colors from clear (champagne) to black
  • mechanical pre-treatments:
    • brushing,
    • polishing,
    • sandblasting,
    • satin finish,
  • possibility of applying peelable on 4 sides
  • possibility of cold and hot fixing
  • Qualanod certification
  • Clark test certification for the English market

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