Powder Coating

To offer a truly integrated and complete service, able to meet customer needs and represent a unique reference point in the sector, Sepal carries out surface treatments that combine performance and aesthetic pleasure, providing an excellent finished product for the most diverse. you use.

  • vertical plant (year 2013)
  • + 2 painting booths;
  • Flash oxidation pre-treatment (anti-corrosion + better color spreading);
  • production capacity: 10000 tons / year;
  • length of bars from 3 to 7 meters;
  • width 400 mm – height 70-80 mm;
  • possibility of applying peelable on 4 sides;
  • approval for use of class 3 powders;
  • Qualicoat / Seaside certification;
  • use of the best powder colors on the market + sublimation effects for original designs.
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